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Our Expertise


Our track record includes the creation of numerous Shopify stores, all of which have consistently generated revenue. Comprising a team of Shopify specialists, we have the expertise to rapidly bring the online store of your dreams to life. We are eager to build your online store.


SEO stands as a cornerstone of our expertise. Through the years, we have crafted thousands of pieces of content, attracting millions of organic visits to our sites. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we meticulously analyze and optimize content to ensure top performance.

Email Marketing

Our team has executed hundreds of email campaigns, adeptly managing email lists that encompass more than 80,000 subscribers. With expertise in both capturing emails and utilizing them for lead generation, we have honed a successful approach to email marketing.

Our Projects


In 2014, we established Techno-PM, our leading business, starting from the ground up. By 2022, Techno-PM.com attracts over 850,000 visitors per year, with 98% of the traffic originating from organic sources.


In 2016, we launched ITSM-Docs on WordPress, and by 2020 we moved it to Shopify. Annually, ITSM-Docs.com receives over 250,000 visitors, with more than 95% of the traffic coming from organic sources.


We lauISO-Docs in January 2022, and since then, it has attracted over 265,000 visitors, all of whom have come from 100% organic traffic. We built ISO-Docs on Shopify from scratch.

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Why Choose Us?

We say, “Been there and done that,” because we have actually done it! Yes, we have built a successful business from a blog not once, not twice, but three times.

As of 2023, our blogs get over a million visitors each year, providing me the financial freedom I never imagined. Honestly, I never planned any of this.

I have never had any entrepreneurship training or held a business management degree. I never planned to become an entrepreneur; I am, at best, an accidental entrepreneur.

Blog2Business is about sharing the knowledge, lessons, failures, and challenges I have endured in building this business. There is never a better time now to start your entrepreneur journey.

We promise to stay with you on this challenging journey and do everything possible to make it a success!

Swapnil Wale – Founder of blog2business.com

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